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The Complete Solution

Pick2Market.NET is designed for larger organisations and provides a comprehensive solution for tracking and marketing your produce.  
It allows multiple marketing and packing operations to use the same integrated software.  Packing sheds can manage their own stock and marketing companies can source stock for customer orders from any packhouse in the system.

For each order, Pick2Market.NET provides the marketer with the ability to request specific quantities of stock from multiple packing sheds.  The marketer can also view what stock the packing shed has on hand before submitting a request for stock to fill an order.


All of the above from PackManager.NET plus...
+ Multi-company
+ Inter-company stock transfers
+ System charges can be applied automatically as stock moves through      the system.
+ Charges can be manually applied at different stages throughout the          packing/despatch process by the packing company or the marketing        company.
+ Payments directly to the grower or the packer of the stock
+ Fully customisable to provide the best set of features for your            


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