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Flexibility | Traceability | Scaleability

PackManager.NET is designed for packing sheds. It provides for the tracking of produce from a block/grower, throughout the packing process, until it is dispatched.


A feature-rich and fully customisable solution

So many features!  Too many to list, but here's a sample...

Bin Receivals                  

Packing/Contract Packing

Repacking and pallet splitting



Grower Payments (inc pool payments)

Quality Assurance

Export to Accounting software

Supermarket EDI integration

We've developed PackManager over many years and we know how unique each client is. 
We can provide the best set of features to fit your particular requirements. 

If we don't already have exactly what you require, we can create it!

Whether it be a whole new module, a new feature, a new report, or just a different process flow, PackManager.NET can be fully customised to work the way you work!


With a wide range of reports and reporting options, our software provides both a high level overview of your operations, and detailed specific information on stock, production, sales and charges.
- See your packout grading details.
- See what stock you have on hand.
- See what orders are yet to be filled.

Mobile Friendly

In the office or at the packing shed, PackManager Mobile has you covered.
Capture data where it is most convenient.
Bins can be captured from the grower, stock can be created and scanned as it's packed and labels can be printed on the spot. Stock can then be dispatched right at the location. 


From pre-printed bin labels that are applied in the field, to carton, crate and pallet labels, PackManager has a vast array of pre-formatted labels that can be used with the variety of stock you have.
We can fully customise any labelling requirements you have and Woolworths/Coles/Aldi supermarket labels are supported.

Grower Payments

Every grower has a preference for how they like being paid. PackManager offeres the versatility to either pay a grower based on an individual packing run, or to pool their payment with growers with similar stock, paying them based on the average rate for specified period.   

Contract Packing

PackManager comes with the ability to label a packing run as a 'Contract Pack' and the system will automatically pick up your pre-defined contract pack packing charges and apply them. Simple invoice generation allows you to charge for an individual contract pack, or group them together for monthly invoicing.

Pack Component & Inventory Management

Tracking component usage and maintaining adequate quantities is vital to ensuring your production line is running at optimal levels. PackManager provides systems to automatically track and alert when stock is low and providing the mechanism to order more components.   

Want even more?  We've got it!



Our emphasis on traceability allows for the quick detection and resolution of potential issues with stock.  Our software provides traceability from stock receival through to packing or repacking, location movements and despatch.


Quality Control

Ensure the best, every time.
The demand for quality assurance is ever increasing.  Reporting and proof of processes create additional burden on businesses.
Our solutions allow you to track and react to issues in quality in a timely manner, reducing paperwork and mitigating the risk of returns from customers.


Employee Management

Tracking employee packing just got a whole lot easier.  
We integrate the use of RFID arm band technology to enable each employee to record each carton they have packed.


Account Management

Generate invoices and track receipts and payments.
Packing costs, shed costs, freight, margins, rebates, commissions, levies, indicative and sale prices and more are handled and applied automatically as stock moves within your system.


Hardware Integration

Our software can integrate with your machinery to reduce double entry of data and streamline your packing and sorting processes.

We have experience in integration with:
- Colour Vision System (CVS) and MAF Graders/Sizers 
- Various Weighing Scales
- Auto Tippers and Packers
- Firmtech - Fruit Firmness Tester
- and many more...


A Fully Customised Solution

A system to do the things the way YOU do them.
Other systems lock you in to doing things the way they want you to do them, resulting in you having to adapt your work processes to follow their system.  This can result in additional time and resources.  All of our software can be fully customised so that you can keep doing what you do, the way you want to do it.


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