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Fruit Picking Software Specialists

Knowledge and hands-on experience

Our founder, David Spencer, has come from a background in agriculture with over 20 years of industry experience.

This experience has proven invaluable in developing a team that understands the industry, and in turn, has lead to quality solutions for our clients.

Features & Flexibility

Why so many choose our software

Our software has been designed to cater for an extensive range of requirements. From orchard management to picking requirements, we provide a complete solution.

Due to the adaptability, stability and flexibility of our software, our Agriculture/Horticulture suite of applications are in use by many companies across Australia and New Zealand.


Tracking your entire orchard picking operation

The tracking of produce is vital to any agriculture/horticulture system. Our fruit picking solutions provide traceability from the moment produce is picked off the tree in the orchard.

Our emphasis on traceability allows for the quick detection and resolution of potential issues with stock.

Mobile Devices

In the field, shed or your office, your data is with you

Using the latest mobile technologies, our suite of applications provide mobile access to many of the features that are available on the desktop. Using the Windows mobile EDA's, these ruggedised devices are great for mobile orchard operations, allowing users to scan bin barcodes and pickers' barcodes, saving time and dramatically increasing accuracy of the data.

Customised Solution

A system to do the things the way YOU do them

Other systems lock you in to doing things the way they want you to do it, resulting in you having to adapt your work processes to follow their system. This can result in additional time and resources on your behalf. All of our software can be fully customised, so that you can keep doing what you do, the way you want do it.


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