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Comprehensive fresh produce packing software for your business

Fresh Produce Packing Software Specialists

Knowledge and hands-on experience

Our founder, David Spencer, has come from a background in agriculture with over 20 years of industry experience.

This experience has proven invaluable in developing a team that understands the industry, and in turn, has lead to quality solutions for our clients.

Features & Flexibility

Why so many choose our software

Our software has been designed to cater for an extensive range of requirements. From orchard management and picking entry, to packhouse stock entry and market orders, we provide a complete solution.

Due to the adaptability, stability and flexibility of our software, our Agriculture/Horticulture suite of applications are in use by many companies across Australia and New Zealand.


From the field to the market

The tracking of produce is vital to any agriculture/horticulture system. Our fresh produce packing solutions provide traceability from when fruit is received at a packhouse, through to packing or repacking, location movements and dispatch.

Our emphasis on traceability allows for the quick detection and resolution of potential issues with stock.

Quality Control

Ensure the best, every time

Ever increasing demand for quality assurance, requiring reporting and actual proof of the process is putting an additional burden on business.

Each program in our suite incorporates a quality control system allowing you to track and react to issues in quality in a timely manner, reducing paperwork and mitigating returns from your customers caused by failures in quality standards.

Real-time Reporting

Information at your finger tips

  • Want to see your packout grading details?
  • Need to know what stock you have on hand?
  • Need to know what orders are yet to be filled?

With a wide range of reports and reporting options, our suite of applications provide both a high level overview of your operations, and detailed specific information on stock, production, sales and charges.

Account Management

Generate Invoices and track receipts and payments

Packing costs, shed costs, freight, margins, rebates, commissions, levies, indicative and sale prices and more are all handled and applied automatically as stock moves within your system. This allows for one-touch invoice generation from your orders, tracking of their payments, and finally paying your suppliers for the sales of the stock (less deductible charges).

Hardware Integration

For a fully automated process

Do your weighing scales or automated grader have an external interface for communication with your computer? If it does, our software can talk to it! Our software can integrate with your machinery to reduce double entry of data, and streamline your packing and sorting processes.

We have experience in integration with:

  • Colour Vision System (CVS) Grader
  • Nuweigh Weighing Scales
  • Firmtech - Fruit Firmness Tester

Carton Label Printing Stations

Print carton labels at the touch of a button

We have developed easy-to-use control boxes to allow quick printing of carton labels. Simply install these control boxes at each packing station, and your packers will be able to print carton labels at the touch of a button. These control boxes can include a RFID reader, so you can identify the packer who packed the cartons for simple piece rate calculation.

Alternative we have a touchscreen carton printing software where you can easily view the full range of carton labels, allowing for easy selection of the correct label.

Fully integrated into PackManger and Pick2Market, you do not need to enter in the same data twice!

Employee Management

Tracking employee packing just got a whole lot easier

Tracking carton packing and timesheet data is simplified in our PackManager and Pick2Market applications.

We employ the use of RFID arm band technology to enable each employee to record each carton they have packed.

Mobile Devices

In the field, shed or your office, your data is with you

Using the latest mobile technologies, our suite of applications provide mobile access to many of the features that are available on the desktop. Using the Windows mobile EDA's or Android devices, these ruggedised devices are great for forklift drivers, allowing them to scan barcodes of bins, cartons and pallets from their seats, saving time and dramatically increasing accuracy of the data.

General Ledger

Integrate seamlessly with the push of a button

Implemented via two methods, our systems can either export to a text file for import into any accounting applications, or can integrate directly with MYOB, exporting all of your customer, order and payment information.

Some accounting software we can export to:

  • MYOB
  • Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks)
  • Xero
  • Attaché

Supermarket Labels

Supermarket label compliance, with versatility built in

Our supermarket labels adhere to the specific requirements of the supermarkets, whilst offering you versatility to include your own unique information, such as tracking and source codes.

Customised Solution

A system to do the things the way YOU do them

Other systems lock you in to doing things the way they want you to do it, resulting in you having to adapt your work processes to follow their system. This can result in additional time and resources on your behalf. All of our software can be fully customised, so that you can keep doing what you do, the way you want do it.


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