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Customised Software Specialists

Designed to optimise your business operations

GV Custom Software specialises in working with our clients to develop business and database software that meets their needs, where off-the-shelf software can be unsuitable or inflexible.

With over 10 years experience, GV Custom Software has developed tailored software solutions for a variety of industries including orchard picking & packing, pest control, fodder/grain storage & trading, supplier wholesale and retail industries.

Based on your specific requirements, a custom software solution can significantly increase productivity and decrease costs across your business operations.

From small to large enterprises

No job is too big or too small

GV Custom Software can develop systems for enterprise with desktop, mobile and web-based requirements.

We can also develop tablet applications on the iPad, Windows and Android systems.

Requirement Extraction

Tell us what you need from a system

A thorough requirements gathering process will ensure the end product matches the needs of your organisation, with flexibility to add new features and make modifications as the need arises.


Fast and reliable

The development team will work closely with your organisation to negotiate realistic and agreeable turn-around times and milestones that ensure effective delivery of your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Working with you to get it right

The development team will conduct comprehensive quality assurance and testing to ensure the integrity of the new software system.

World Class Support

Confidence as you grow

A custom-built software package is fully supported by way of maintenance agreements. This ensures confidence in your software and opportunities for enhancement to the application as your business grows and changes.


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