Chris Nealon
(Koala Country Orchards)


We have been using GVCS software for ten years. Over that time we seen great developments in our PackManager program. With the .Net version it gave us the ability for easy remote access, PDA integration for mobile use around the packing shed and historic data in one place. All this along with a very extensive fruit packing program.

Four years ago we implemented GVCS’s Picktrack Software for our harvest recording. With integration into our payroll software it has greatly minimised payroll processing time and errors from hand tally systems previously used in the field. With a centralised server accepting data from our remote farms either via VPN or email it has allowed harvest data to easily be gathered from numerous sites without delay.

GVCS have always been happy to work through new process issues to allow their software to continue to meet our needs and have an excellent support team who are understanding of the time pressures within the fresh produce industry that relies on a quick result to an issue.

Chris Nealon
Koala Country Orchards


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