Accurately tracking your orchard picking operation


Accurately tracking your orchard picking operation

PickTrack provides a mobile and in-office solution for orchard picking, through tracking of pickers, bins/lugs, weighing, and calculation of pay rates.

PickTrack has been designed to remove the hassle from orchard picking, with a simple-to-use, once-only data entry approach.

Time saving data capture

Record picking data on site

With PickTrack we provide a mobile solution to save time during the data entry process. Head out into the field with a mobile device (PDA), and follow a simple process of scanning a picker's barcoded card and entering the number of bins/lugs, to ensure a once-only entry for picker data.

This data propagates down to the PickTrack in-office program (and optionally Payroll), allowing for the review and modification of data if necessary.


Extensive range of customisable reports to meet your needs

PickTrack provides a suite of reports which allows you to report on individual pickers, contractors, orchards, blocks and a whole lot more.

Payroll Export

Export your picking data to your payroll system

PickTrack software comes with the ability to review and export your picking data (such as picker name, location, pay rate, and units/lugs) into a customisable CSV file.

This then allows for easy import into most existing payroll systems.


A single orchard or many orchards

PickTrack enables you to track the picking of a single orchard or many orchards.

Designed using a two-tier approach, each orchard will run our PickTrack Orchard software. The data is then collated backed to a central PickTrack Server application, which will provide reporting for your entire operation.

Complete Customisation

Designed to work the way you do

Developed over many years, PickTrack allows us to provide the best set of features for your requirements.

And if we don't already have exactly what you require, we can add it in. Whether it be a whole new module, a new feature, a new report, or just a different process flow, PickTrack can be fully customised to work the way you work!


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