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PackManager Lite.NET, PackManager.NET, and Pick2Market

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PackManager Lite .NET PackManager .NET Pick2Market
Users and Permissions
User authentication and permission by user group.
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Stock Receival
Receive stock into the system, as bins or as packed stock.
included included included
Tipping and Packing
Tip bins into a packing batch, and pack the output stock.
included included included
Repack your packed/graded stock into a new pack.
included included included
Orders and Despatching
Despatch your stock to your agents and customers.
included included included
Multiple Pack houses
Multiple packhouses can utilise the same system to manage the packing operations.
not included not included included
Multiple Suppliers on an Order
Marketers can create an order and assign the order to multiple suppliers.
not included not included included
Real-time reporting, covering all areas of the system.
included included included
Mobile Application
Enter data where it is most convenient, while walking around in your truck area or at the cool rooms.
not included included included
Grower Payments
Both batch and pooled payments can be generated in the system, auto calculating payback prices based on sale price less any pre-defined charges (e.g. freight, levies, commission).
not included included included
General Ledger
Export your invoices and payments to your accounting software
not included included1 included1
Quality Control
Enter your quality inspection data and produce reports.
not included included included
Bin Movement Tracking
Track bins sent out to growers and bin returns.
not included included included
Supermarket Labels
Woolworths/Coles carton and pallet labels.
not included included included
Email System
Email reports, batch packouts, order invoices directly to the grower and agents.
not included included included
Pack Component & Inventory Management
Manage your component usage, and warns when you are running low on a component.
not included included included
Contract Packing
Record your contract packing runs and calculate contract packing charges.
not included included included
Carton Label Printing Stations
Print carton labels using our easy-to-use control boxes, and track the packer for each carton.
not included optional optional
Hardware Integration
Integrate with your hardware for a streamline operation.
e.g. Weight Scales, Graders, Auto Packers
not included optional2 optional2
Portal for Growers
Allow external growers to login to your system and view their bins and packout reports.
not included optional3 optional3
Portal for Marketer
Allow your marketer(s) to login and enter in orders on your behalf.
not included optional3 not relevant
API Interface with Other Packing Sheds
Import data directly from external packing sheds into your system.
not included not included optional
Customise the system to suit your operation.
not included included included
Customer Support
Phone and email support.
limited4 unlimited5 unlimited5

1. limited to MYOB, Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks), Xero, Attaché. Other packages to be determined on request.
2. determined case by case, dependent on the actual hardware.
3. requires external access to your system.
4. limited by hours.
5. provided that a valid support contract is in place.


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