KM & WM Kelly & Sons

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The Client


KM & WM Kelly & Sons has been in operating in the grain storage and trading industry since the 1930s. They operate mainly in Southern NSW and Victoria.

The Need


KM & WM Kelly & Sons approached GV Custom Software in 2011, having developed their own Microsoft Access in-house software over 10 years. They were looking for an external software company to upgrade and improve upon their in-house software.

The Background


The software looks after all aspects of their business, from contract management, stock tracking, logistic, to payroll management. It also provides a range of comprehensive reports for all areas of their operation, including BAS and end of financial year reports.

The Solution

Grain Trading and Storage

We converted their Access program to VB.Net, keeping all existing functionalities while giving it an updated look-and-feel.

The Benefit


Using latest technology gives a more robust interface for their software, providing more responsive reporting and user experience. We now provide KM & WM Kelly and Sons full time support for their software, as well as making modifications and adding new features when necessary.

Key Features


  • User login defined by roles and permissions.
  • Data filters: filter any list/form data by a filter you define.
  • Export any selection of data to excel for further analysis.
  • Manage accounts, phone numbers, link to Australian Business Numbers and the National Growers Registry.
  • Create/Manage buy or sell contracts for commodities.
  • Create/Manage futures contracts for commodities.
  • Create/Manage forex contracts.
  • Entry of load details for grain contracts.
  • Import load contracts from any grain storage companies such as Emerald, GrainCorp and GrainStore.
  • Reconciling of our stock count against grain storage records.
  • General sales invoices and purchase credits from contracts.
  • Manage freight invoices and credits.
  • Full accounts management with ledgers, cashbook records and reconciliation, GST details.
  • Payroll and superannuation entry for employees.
  • BAS reports.
  • Tax module for financial year end accounting.
  • Financial year end and harvest rollovers.


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