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GV Independent Packers is situated on Doyles Road in Shepparton.

The business is owned and run by Chris Georgopoulos who has been a fruit grower for over 25 years and his expertise in this area is now being brought into the running of GV Independent Packers with the help of a dedicated team of employees. At present we grow and pack approx 17,000 bins of pears, apples and stonefruit. We expect to increase our throughput and plan to extend our packing facility in the near future.

GV Independent Packers has been running since March 2010.

Gracie, Chris (owner) and Andrew
GV Independent Packers also run the Kids & Fruit program, which is a non-profit organisation delivering 100% fresh Australian grown fruit to schools every week. The Kids & Fruit program encourages young people to enjoy different varieties of fruit and to learn about the importance of a healthy diet. It also helps the children acquire a preference for snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables. Over 15,500 young people throughout Victoria are enjoying the benefits of the Kids & Fruit program.

An added benefit of the Kids & Fruit program is that the fruit is despatched straight from Australian growers to the schools at a heavily subsidised price. It allows schools to enjoy the top quality produce at a fraction of the fluctuating retail prices.



With the help of GV Custom Software the implementation of the PackManager Program within our business was a smooth and easy transition.

GVCS has programmed our PackManager System to suit all our requirements, including reports, up to date packouts, which help us to determine grower payments daily, thus our accounting system is always up to date.

Chris Georgopoulos said "We were not so sure about the PackManager System at first but found it to be a vital part of our business and user friendly."

Our main concern also was the traceability of the fruit from when it first arrives at our packing shed to being despatched. We found PackManager to be able to do this with great accuracy where we can at all times know where the fruit is or has been sent to.

The PackManager System at GV Independent Packers consists of 4 work stations. The first is located in the packing shed for all our bin tipping and packout requirements and the other three located in the offices for all despatch, pricing and reporting that may need to be done.

All the staff using PackManager are also very surprised at how easy the system is to use and have learnt how fundamental PackManager is for the continuing growth of our business.

For the future we will also be implementing even more measures, with the help of PackManager, to keep up to date records of all our Quality Control and relevant information.

We are immediately implementing the recording of quality inspections into our PackManager Program which will enable us determine the percentage of defects for each variety and report back to the growers any concerns. This will be critical in helping the growers achieve better fruit production therefore making a better return for the growers. The ability to report this information to our growers promptly is important and highlights our philosophy of being accountable to the growers.


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