Secure Client Management & History System


The Client



The Need


GV CASA approached GV Custom Software in 2012, having developed their own Microsoft Access database software. They were looking for a software company to upgrade and improve upon their in-house software which was becoming increasingly slow and time consuming as their business and client base grew.

The Background


The software looks after all aspects of their business from initial client contact, case note entry, client history searches, group sessions and client reporting.

The Solution

Client Management Software

GV Custom Software converted their Access program to VB.Net, keeping all existing functionalities while giving it an updated look-and-feel. Various improvements was made to eliminate double handling of dat, and added extra reporting functionalities.

The Benefit


Using latest technology gives a more robust interface for their software, providing more responsive reporting and user experience. We now provide GV CASA full time support for their software.

Key Features


  • User roles with login/password.
  • Central location for easy list based setup of information.
  • Simple data entry for client/group details and client/group services.
  • Quick client or client service search features.
  • Data encrypted to protect sensitive client information.
  • Reporting for client reports, time scheduling and client analysis


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