Cherry King

New South Wales

The Client


Cherry King is situated in Griffith, NSW and is a state of the art cherry packing complex. It was built in 2003 by a group of successful growers in the region.

The Need


A manufacturing database that would form the basis of data recording for all aspects of Cherry King's business and automatically collect key data from monitoring equipment.

The Background


A group of growers required a modem and centralized packing facility to process their crops; hence Cherry King was established in 2003.

The Solution


Automatic label printing, automatic collection of data from monitoring equipment, customised inventory reporting, extensive quality inspection recording, addresses regulatory body reporting needs, exception and business control reporting, enables various invoice formats and interfaces to existing General Ledger.

The Benefit


Once only data entry, time savings, traceability of stock, timely reporting to suppliers, customer satisfaction, enabled compliance to regulatory instructions.


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